Fondazione Teatro Carlo Felice

The foundation Fondazione Teatro Carlo Felice pursues the diffusion of musical art, the training of artistic and technical managers and the musical education, promoting initiatives aimed at training the audiences, encouraging the participation of new generations, spreading its work on the territory and favoring access to the theatre for disadvantaged social categories.
The foundation organizes an opera, ballet and concert season, musical series dedicated to specific themes, festivals, cultural activities such as conferences, exhibitions, seminars, study meetings, conferences and specific educational activities.

Besides the management of Opera Carlo Felice theatre, the foundation is entrusted with the management of other theatres and venues such as the Teatro della Gioventù and Auditorium E. Montale. The foundation also organizes and produces both in Italy and abroad opera, musical and theatre shows, ballet performances and many concert activities,
supervising and ensuring the design and construction of newly-produced stage sets and the adaptation of co-production with other opera companies to the spaces of the Theatre.
Fondazione Teatro Carlo Felice preserves the production, musical, historical, artistic and professional heritage of the Theatre, its staff and workers and its image, promoting the professional formation of both artistic and technical executives and organizational managers as well as the valorization of such acquired professional skills.
The foundation makes musical and audio-video recordings of its own prestigious productions, establishing collaborations with the most important national and international radio and television broadcasters and labels the radio who broadcast its artistic activities.
The foundation promotes historical-artistic and scientific research in the musical field thanks to the collaboration of universities, academies, conservatories, concert institutions, musical centers and other Italian and foreign opera houses.
Finally, Fondazione Teatro Carlo Felice organizes and manages artistic formation courses in the fields of theatre, music and the cultural sector in general, among which the Academy of advanced specialization and professional placement for singers, founded in 2020.