natale opera carlo felice


“ a child I listened on the radio or on records to the timeless melodies of Édith Piaf. The singer-songwriter has had a life full of suffering and pain, but she has always sought in love a redemption...”

Maurizio Fabrizio - Composer
“...Piaf was surely the most influential French songwriter of all time (...) Maurizio Fabrizio, with communicative and inspired language, will allow us to to remember the great singer-songwriter sixty years after her passing...”

Donato Renzetti – Conductor

With Amore protagonista if you buy the ticket for Werther, Édith it is 50% off. The offer is also valid in reverse, and for those who have already purchased tickets for the two shows. Call the ticket office!

“…the Orchestra of the Opera Carlo Felice Genova has a particular individuality of sound, a beautiful sound, very light which tends towards brilliance…” Fabio Luisi – Direttore onorario

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