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Teatro Carlo Felice

A journey through time

Visiting the Carlo Felice Theater is like traveling through time. History, architecture, technology, music and talent coexist in a unique balance.

Visiting the Carlo Felice Theater is like traveling through time. A journey to discover the links with the past and the technology of a stage machine that makes this theater one of the most interesting theaters in Europe.
In fact, in the structure, memories of the past coexist, such as the marble statue of San Domenico di Francesco, contemporary works of art, such as the frescoes by Aurelio Caminati and the tapestries by Raimondo Sirotti in the imposing foyer.
From the foyers you enter the main room which occupies the entire interior of the building, in which the architects recreated the atmosphere of the ancient square theaters in which performances were staged outdoors in city centres. Hence the presence of windows and balconies on the walls, reminiscent of the facades of the buildings in Genoa and the ceiling dotted with 160 lights that recall a starry sky.
The technological heart of the theater is a 63-metre scenic tower and four mobile stages (main, back and two lower ones side by side), which allow complex setups or several alternating shows to be staged.