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WE 22/03/2023 Hours 12:00 Tickets no longer available
Opera Carlo Felice Genova – 1° Foyer

Lecture: I due Foscari

“More children, more throne, more life I have not.” Edited by Raffaele Mellace and Stefano Verdino

Having conquered Milan and Venice, the young Verdi landed with a new opera in Rome as well. For this debut he chose an intense and evocative tragedy by the great Romantic poet George Byron. He made it an intimate work in which the harshness of power clashes violently with the family affections of the protagonists, against the backdrop of a fascinating Renaissance Venice. The loneliness of power and the authenticity of the truest feelings are rendered by Verdi in a theatrical action full of twists and turns and in musical language designed specifically to characterize an uneasy and disturbing atmosphere.

Prof. Raffaele Mellace
Scientific Advisor to the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, Full Professor of Musicology and History of Music as well as Dean of the School of Humanities at the University of Genoa.

Prof. Stefano Verdino
Literary critic and former full professor of Italian Literature at the University of Genoa.

In collaboration with the University of Genoa