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SU 30/06/2024 Hours 21:15 Tickets no longer available
Parchi di Nervi – Villa Grimaldi Fassio

75 minutes without intermission




SeR Sergio Bernal Dance Company

A performance inspired by the charm of Iberian culture, Bernal’s vision of dance and tradition. Italian Premiere

Music by Coetus, Beyoncé, Raúl Dominguez, Max Richter, Daniel Jurado, Camille Saint-Saëns, Stromae
Choreography bySergio Bernal, Ricardo Cue, Raúl Dominguez, Jose Manuel Benitez, José Manuel Álvarez
Voice and piano Antón
Cantaores Paz de Manuel, Roberto Lorente
GuitarDaniel Jurado
Orquestra Cruz Diez
withSergio Bernal, Cristina Cazorla, Ana Sophia Scheller

SER, by the Sergio Bernal Dance Company, is a show inspired by the charm of Iberian culture and the gypsy spirit. Between dizzying solos and refined pas de deux and pas de trois, Sergio Bernal delivers a highly introspective performance, an expression of his very personal vision of dance and the Iberian tradition. The choreographies by Sergio Bernal, Ricardo Cue, Jose Manuel Benitez, and José Manuel Álvarez explore the world of dance in its different facets and elaborate a unique style, bringing together flamenco, classical ballet and contemporary dance, on an equally varied and vibrant playlist that goes from French romantic repertoire to contemporary pop.

Born in Madrid in 1990, Sergio Bernal began his studies at Real Conservatorio de Madrid “Mariemma” in 2002. As a young dancer, he performed with many different companies, and in 2008 he became the étoile of the Compañía de Rafael Aguilar ballet. He then started colaborating with many great international artists such as Aída Gomez, Antonio Najarro, Carlos Saura, the Nuevo Ballet Espanol and started performing worldwide in the show “Mudanzas Boleras”. His repertoire includes Three cornered hats – Farruca and Puerta de Tierra by Antonio Ruiz Soler, Bolero 1830 by Mariemma, the role of Don José in Carmen and Bolero by Rafael Aguilar, Niña de Fuego by Angel Rodriguez, Bolero by Paco Pozo, El último encuentro and Concierto Andaluz by Ricardo Cue, both with Lola Greco. He is the winner of the Maratón de Danza de Madrid nad he directed the ballet show “One day and three glances”. He is a regular guest at international ballet galas such as “Maya Plisetskaya Gala” of Athens, “A Spanish Dance” of Miami, “Festival Ballet of Cali”, “Mittelfest”, “Festival of Cap Roig” of Girona and “Les Étoiles” by Daniele Cipriani receiving a wide acclaim from his audiences. In September 2012, he starts working with the Ballet Nacional de España becoming its étoile in 2016.