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TH 04/07/2024 Hours 21:15 Tickets no longer available
Parchi di Nervi – Villa Grimaldi Fassio

2 hours and 15 minutes without intermission

Concerto grosso per i New Trolls

Excerpts from Concertos 1 and 2 and excerpts from Seven Seasons will be on the programme in a mixture of rock and baroque music. To Vittorio De Scalzi

Director Angelo Valori
Voice and bass Roberto Tiranti
Voice and guitar Andrea Maddalone
Voice and drums Lorenzo Ottonello
Voice and keyboards Max Vigilante

The Concerto Grosso for the New Trolls, born from the collaboration with Luis Bacalov, Oscar winner for the soundtrack of the film Il postino, was a revolutionary experiment, which for the first time married a rock band to a classical music orchestra. In the Baroque era, the concerto grosso consisted of a quartet of soloists in dialogue with the large orchestra; the New Trolls replaced the soloists, giving birth to the first experiment in Progressive Rock.
This mixture of rock and baroque music found wide acceptance among the public to such an extent that the record sold one million copies. Given its great success, Vittorio De Scalzi wrote Concerto Grosso 2 and 3 (Seven seasons), thus completing a saga of great artistic depth.
Today the band, which has accompanied Vittorio De Scalzi for hundreds of concerts, brings Concerto Grosso live with a 15-piece orchestra conducted by Angelo Valori to pay homage to the great Vittorio. Excerpts from Concertos 1 and 2 and some excerpts from Seven Seasons will be performed. The band will also perform their greatest hits, such as Una miniera, Quella carezza della sera, Aldebaran and many more.

The New Trolls were an Italian music group formed in Genoa in 1967, initially consisting of Vittorio De Scalzi, Nico Di Palo, Giorgio D’Adamo, Mauro Chiarugi and Gianni Belleno. Over the years, the group has explored different genres, from beat to pop to progressive rock, a scene in which it has been particularly successful. Since their early beginnings, the New Trolls have distinguished themselves by their refined and virtuoso arrangements, as well as by a very personal style that is always in search of new artistic expressions. From the 1960s to the 1990s, the group released nine studio albums, including Senza orario senza bandiera (1968), Concerto grosso per i New Trolls (1971), Searching for a land (1972), UT (1972), Concerto grosso n. 2 (1976), Aldebaran (1978), New Trolls (1979), FS (1981), America O.K. (1983), Amici (1988), Quelli come noi (1992), Il sale dei New Trolls (1996). Following the break-up of the group in 1998, some members participated in alternative projects such as Il Mito New Trolls, La Storia dei New Trolls and Il Cuore dei New Trolls.