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FR 19/07/2024 Hours 21:15 Buy from VivaTicket or Ticket office
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Parchi di Nervi – Villa Grimaldi Fassio

First part: 1 hour 20 minutes
Interval: 20 minutes
Part 2: 55 minutes
Total duration: 2 hours 35 minutes







Hamburg Ballet John Neumeier

Ballet inspired by the comedy ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ with a multidimensional vision. Ballet Festival 2025 Preview

Music by Felix Mendelssohn, György Ligeti and traditional mechanical music
Choreography, direction and lighting John Neumeier
Scenes and costumes Jürgen Rose

The Hamburg Ballet John Neumeier will be in Nervi, on two unique dates in Italy in 2024, with the ballet Ein Sommernachtstraum – A Midsummer Night’s Dream, created by John Neumeier in 1977. The choreographer was inspired by Shakespeare’s play of the same name, delving into the famous play with the aim of reproducing through dance the same images and emotions created by the playwright with his verses. A Midsummer Night’s Dream, to music by Felix Mendelssohn, György Ligeti and traditional mechanical music, offers a multidimensional and innovative vision of the literary text. After its enormous success since its first performance, the ballet has also been taken up around the world by companies such as the Paris Opera Ballets and the Bolshoi, reaching over three hundred productions. The Hamburg Ballet’s presence at the Nervi Festival with A Midsummer Night’s Dream represents a very significant moment for the world dance scene, as it is the last two performances of the company under the artistic direction of John Neumeier, the Ballet’s highly esteemed leader since 1973.

The Hamburg Ballet John Neumeier is one of the most important dance companies in the world. International tours have made the company a landmark on the world ballet scene and one of Germany’s leading cultural ambassadors. The heart of the company is the artistic director and chief choreographer, John Neumeier, who has led it since 1973. Neumeier is a master in combining classical ballet tradition with modern forms in his works, infusing his choreographic language with a personal touch. Neumeier’s demonstration classes occupy a special place in the Hamburg Ballet’s repertoire. During the matinees, which have been a long-standing tradition several times a season at the Hamburg State Opera since 1973, John Neumeier, together with his company, delves into specific aspects of ballet history. The Hamburg Ballet performs at the Hamburg State Opera, its creative headquarters, while the rehearsal studios and training centre are located in a separate building, the Hamburg Ballet Centre, opened in 1989. The Hamburg Ballet Centre is also the home of the Professional School of the Hamburg Ballet and the National Youth Ballet, of which John Neumeier will remain artistic director.

Photo credit: Kiran West