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SA 17/06/2023 Hours 12:00 Tickets no longer available
Sala ballo Teatro Carlo Felice


Ballet master class and Choreography workshops with international celebrities, flash mob, augmented reality exhibition, historical videos

Saturday, June 17
Sala ballo Teatro Carlo Felice

12 pm-1.15 pm and 2.15 pm-3.30 pm
Master class by Loredana Furno, classical ballet for beginners from 9 to 12 years old with an accompanying pianist

3.45 pm-5.15 pm
Master class by Paola Cantalupo, intermediate classical music course for over-13 students with the accompanying pianist Stefania Garotta

5.30 pm-7 pm
Master class by Davide Bombana, neoclassical ballet for over-14/15 student, a choreographic workshop with recorded music based on the international programs by Bombana.

Sunday, June 18
Palestrina della Proloco di Nervi e Parchi

11 am-1 pm
Photographic and video shooting in the city parks with the regional ballet students

2.30 pm-4 pm
Master class by Simone Maier, contemporary ballet for over-13 students with recorded music

4.30 pm
‘Rock promenade’ dancing performance in the city parks from the Villa Grimaldi rosegarden to the Belvedere area of Villa Serra

5 pm-6.30 pm
Dancing show series “Omaggio a Mario Porcile” presenting onstage performances of ballet schools

Official videomaker ufficiale and director of the created videos: Alessandro Zunino, photographer and director of internationally-renowned reportages and documentaries.

Official photographer: Giulia Canton (Ballet photography degree at Accademia Linguistica).

Dance master class and choreographic workshops in the theater with international celebrities of the historic Nervi Festival, flash mob, photo shooting and filming in the parks with local students, review of schools in memory of Mario Porcile, viewing of historical films of the event.

The Memorial del Festival internazionale del balletto “Il sogno di Nervi”, is dedicated to iits founder’s memory and to the historical event. This year, the protagonists will be the local young dancers who can take advantage of a program rich in study opportunities and fun.

Realized by Associazione culturale D’Angel Angeli della Danza e dello Spettacolo, artistically directed by Simona Griggio in collaboration with Nervi Music Ballet Festival 2023, Fondo Mario Porcile – Cronaca e memoria dello spettacolo, supported by the Ministry of Culture, with the partnership of Uisp Regionale Liguria and the support of Proloco Nervi. Such an event aims at passing down to new generations the memory of the Festival and creating a continuum with contemporaneity.

The program stretches across two days of events, starting from June 17 in the Teatro Carlo Felice ballroom and hosting the master classes by three international artists endorsing the Festival: Paola Cantalupo, étoile of Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo and head of the Pôle national supérieur de danse Rosella Hightower of Cannes and of Centre international de danse of Marseilles, Davide Bombana, director of several ballets and opera-symphonic institutions, choreographer for international opera theatres and for many editions of the Vienna and Venice New Year’s Concert, presenting a workshop about his creations.

Not least, Loredana Furno, étoile at Teatro Regio and then founder of Balletto Teatro di Torino and of Festival Danza at the Fortezza del Priamar of Savona and of Acqui in Palcoscenico, offering scholarhips for such institutions. Simone Maier is the voice of the local contemporary panorama.

On June 18, in the Parks of Nervi, in the Palestrina a Ponente of Villa Grimaldi and in the surrounding green areas, the program will present photo shootings and video shootings of the young performers ispires by the historical pictures of Lido and Lidova from the Festival’s golden age. Pictures received by Fondo Mario Porcile after the death of the Maestro.

During the afternoon, young dancers will perform “Rock promenade”, performance danzata on the notes of “Concerto Grosso” by New Trolls and on music by The Who from the rosegarden to the Belvedere area of Villa Serra with tulle clothes and combat booths, jeans, headcloths and basketball hats. Their personal reinterpretation of the 1980s historical memory.

The following show will be the schools’ project Omaggio a Mario Porcile at the Palestrina, where about a hundred young dancers will perform choreographies dedicated to the Maestro.

Why reconstructing the historical memory of the Festival?

Thanks to a twenty-year work of documents collection, of promotion and of artistic production, the team composed by Simona Griggio,journalist and author of shows and ballet formation events for D’Angel, Enrico Coffetti, president of – Cronaca e Spettacolo di Milano and Fondo Mario Porcile, Monica Corbellini, journalist and expert in the historical festival, sharing with the Maestro and with the participating artists the importance of documenting through stories, anecdotes, photographs and clips a vision of ballet of exceptional quality. In the post-war Italy, Genoa stands out as a beacon of light around the art of ballet in the national landscape.

Besides the collection, selection and digitalization of thousands of significant images regarding the social background of that time, the team has realized the 2004 documentary Mille stelle un Festival: 50 anni di vita e di balletto a Nervi. Then, the presentation of theFondo at the Dams of Bologna and the realization of videoclips around the national events of ballet. At the international gala Per sempre Stelle, curated by D’Angel at Teatro Manzoni of Milan in 2017, on the background with unseen pictures of the Fondo, kicking off a program with the artists from Teatro alla Scala, from Opera di Roma, from the theatre San Carlo and from the Ballet Béjart Lausanne represent memories of the past ballet stars: Carla Fracci, who debuted in Nervi in 1957, Liliana Cosi, Luciana Savignano, Anna Razzi, Vittorio Biagi, Pompea Santoro.

The dream of Mario Porcile lives on through a work of reconnecting Genoa to its glorious past regarding the art of ballet, animating the city Theatre and Parks of Nervi with the presence of young enthustiasts for the next edition of the festival.