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Il teatro a Genova a fine settecento

Davide Mingozzi presents the book “Il Teatro a Genova a fine Settecento. Impresari, costume e società (1772-1797)” published by Libreria Musicale Italiana

This volume offers a thorough and historically documented investigation into the management of theaters in Genoa between 1772 and 1797. Although neglected by scholars, the period in question represented the heyday of musical theater in Genoa, which came close, in terms of the number of performances and the participation of important virtuosi, to other major Italian cities. Alongside the investigation of the impresario management of the three city theaters (Teatro da S. Agostino, Teatro del Falcone, Teatro delle Vigne), the abundance of documentary evidence offered the opportunity to devote ample space to the study of aspects of costume and daily life in the theater. These, which only seemingly may appear to be stage gossip, actually help to understand how audiences of the time understood theater and how theater was an integral part of people’s lives. The work is completed with an annotated chronology of the performances that enlivened the theater stages during the years studied and a documentary appendix available online.

Series “Civiltà Musicale Genovese”
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