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FR 28/06/2024 Hours 21:15 Tickets no longer available
Parchi di Nervi – Villa Grimaldi Fassio

90 minutes without intermission







Roberto Bolle and Friends

The show wisely intertwines classic and contemporary styles, virtuosism and great tradition

After the great success of the 2023 edition, Roberto Bolle returns to the Nervi Music Ballet Festival, a venue with a long and prestigious tradition for dance, with his Roberto Bolle and Friends Gala. The special event is produced by Artedanza srl in collaboration with the Fondazione Teatro Carlo Felice di Genova.
An always highly anticipated show that combines the beauty of dance at its highest level with the glamour of the venues around the world where it is acclaimed.
The Nervi leg of the tour, which has been completely revamped in its range of pieces and designed ad hoc by Bolle himself, is now an unmissable event. Nestled between the evocative Villa Grimaldi and the breathtaking view of the coastline from the Nervi Parks, the ‘Roberto Bolle and Friends‘ – which uniquely mixes classical and contemporary repertoire of the best dance interpreted by artists from all over the world – will not fail to fascinate again this year, offering a unique experience to the public.
The Gala represents one of the formats through which the Étoile has managed to bring the focus back to ballet, outside of the theatre niche – always successful – and inside of people’s heart. An instrument that over the years has been flanked by hugely successful creations such as the television programmes devised by the dancer, but also OnDance, a dance festival that has become a veritable hotbed of events and initiatives related to the dissemination and knowledge of dance through meetings, shows, open classes, live and digital dance gatherings. The “Bolle system” is now a solid and important structure injecting a renewed enthusiasm for the world of ballet on an institutional level as well.

Roberto Bolle and Friends is produced by ARTEDANZA SRL

Photo credit: Andrej Uspenski