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SU 02/07/2023 Hours 21:15 Tickets no longer available
Parchi di Nervi – Villa Grimaldi Fassio

Soirée Rachmaninoff

Tribute to Sergej Rachmaninoff for the 150th anniversary of his birth. An evening to renew the magic fil rouge uniting ballet and music

on the Andante from the Sonata for cello and piano in G minor op. 19

on the Andantino, from Suite n. 2 for 2 pianos op.17

Uwe Scholz

Rachele Buriassi
(Les Grands Ballets Canadiens)

Esnel Ramos
(Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, Cuba National Ballet)

Oleksii Potiomkin
(Kiev Opera Theatre)

Alla fine del mondo
on Symphonic Dances op. 45
world premiere

Simone Repele
and Sasha Riva

Costume designer
Anna Biagiotti

Stage design
Michele della Cioppa

Lighting designer
Alessandro Caso

Yumi Aizawa
Riccardo Ciarpella
Francesco Curatolo
Luca Curelli

Chiara Dal Borgo
Giulia Pizzuto
Chiara Ranca
Simone Repele
Sasha Riva
Parvaneh Scharafali

Curated by
Daniele Cipriani

Beatrice Rana and Massimo Spada

Ludovica Rana

Acting voice
Ettore Volontieri

Music by
Sergej Rachmaninoff

Musical consultant
Gastón Fournier-Facio

Uwe Scholz, Simone Repele and Sasha Riva

World premiere of Danze Sinfoniche op. 45

Words by
Sergej Rachmaninov

After the 50th anniversary of Igor Stravinskij’s death, the homage to Sergej Rachmaninoff for the 150 anniversary of his birth renews the magic thread interweaving music and ballet. Beatrice Rana – whose first “duets” with ballet began in Ravenna – and Massimo Spada are back performing on their piano, alternating Preludes and Sonatas and creating a dialogue with the dancers onstage. Their performance will be sided by cellist Ludovica Rana and the interpretation of Rachmaninoff’s letters by Ettore Volontieri, General director of Fondazione Rachmaninoff at Villa SENAR on the Lake of Lucerne. Rachmaninov was Russian and he moved to America just as Stravinskij, though he didn’t focus on ballet as much as his colleague. It is true that the soft and melancholic nature of his compositions, the seamless flowing of notes, his melodies light as a butterfly wings has always made choreographers draw on his music. Some remarkable pieces celebrating him in such an occasion are Trio sull’Andantino, from the Suite n.2 for 2 pianos, op.17 and Sonata sull’Andante of Sonata in G minor op. 19, ballets conceived by Uwe Scholz and performed by the primi ballerini of Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, the Italian Rachele Buriassi and the Cuban Esnel Ramos. Furthermore, the world premiere of “Alla fine del mondo”, conceived by the choreographer Sasha Riva and Simone Repele on Danze Sinfoniche, op. 45 for ten dancers, among which: Yumi Aizawa (Grand Théâtre de Genève), Parvaneh Scharafali (Nederlands Dans Theater), Damiano Ottavio Bigi (Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch, Dimitris Papaioannou).