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SA 18/11/2023 Hours 14:30 Tickets no longer available
Fondazione Corriere della Sera

Sala Buzzati
Via Balzan 3

Un Ponte di Musica

Presentation of the international project of the Carlo Felice Opera of Genoa “Un Ponte di Musica. Itineraries of Italian Opera in America”

Ferruccio de Bortoli
Presidente Fondazione Corriere della Sera

Claudio Orazi
Sovrintendente della Fondazione Teatro Carlo Felice di Genova

Giuseppe Gerbino
Columbia University, New York

Francesco Zimei
Università degli Studi di Trento

Harvey Sachs
Curtis Institute of Music, Philadelphia

Federico Freni
Sottosegretario al Ministero dell’Economia e delle Finanze

Enrico Girardi
Music critic for Corriere della Sera

Entry to the event is free, but reservations are required


For the occasion the book is presented

Italian Opera in the United States, 1800-1850:
At the Origins of a Cultural Migration

edited by Giuseppe Gerbino and Francesco Zimei,
preface by Claudio Orazi
Lucca, Libreria Musicale Italiana, 2023

Italian Opera in the United States, 1800-1850 explores the events that led Italian opera to cross the ocean and establish itself in the United States. A series of overlooked documentary finds, including previously unexplored documents from historians, sheds new light on this phenomenon, which saw Italian artists and intellectuals emigrate to the United States over the course of the century. Episodes already known but only partially understood, including Lorenzo Da Ponte’s personal campaign to promote the Italian language in the United States and the controversial opera season of the Park Theater in New York in 1825-26, are contextualized in the light of social, cultural and policies of the period. The book also traces a map of the complex network of people who worked to give life to Italian opera in America. This network included political refugees like Filippo Trajetta and Piero Maroncelli, passionate patrons like Dominick Lynch Jr., and daring and sometimes unscrupulous theater managers like Stephen Price and Charles W. Sandford. The Italian work was greeted with admiration and suspicion, optimism and skepticism, enthusiasm and irony. Musical traditions and national identities found new meanings along the path of this first Italian migration to North America.